Starting January 1, 2007 the NH Local Government Center (LGC) will be
rolling out new and exciting changes to the Slice of Life program. The
Slice of Life program is available to all medically-covered employees and
family members. Included below is an explanation of the exciting new
changes. If you have any questions regarding these changes you may contact
your LGC Member Service Department at 1.800.527.5001.

Partnering with an Industry Leader- In 2007, LGC -HealthTrust will be
partnering with Gordian Health Solutions to provide medically-covered
employees and family members with effective tools for achieving optimal
health. Gordian Health Solutions is located in Tennessee and is an industry
leader in population health management. Gordian Health Solutions will be
implementing and administering their most advanced program on the market,
the Personal Health Analysis(PHA), to LGC-HealthTrust members, covered
spouses, and retirees.

Personal Health Analysis (PHA)- In January all LGC-HealthTrust subscribers
will receive an activation kit at their home. Included in the kit will be
the subscribers PHA as well as instructions as to how to fill it out online.
A covered spouse will receive their own envelope with their PHA. The PHA is
a confidential health questionnaire that helps individuals identify their
health risks. Those who fill out the paper PHA will receive a $50.00
incentive and those who fill it out online will receive a $75.00 incentive.
The PHA must be filled out by February 28, 2007 in order to be enrolled into
the Health Awareness Program. Please note that employees hired between
February 1 and December 31 of 2007 will not be eligible for participation in
the Slice of Life program offerings until January 1, 2008. This is
necessary in order to properly evaluate the programs effectiveness at
reducing healthcare costs.

Health Awareness Program- Beginning in January 2007, subscribers, covered
spouses, and retirees need to fill out the PHA in order to be eligible to
participate in the Health Awareness program. Subscribers must fill out
their PHA in order for their covered dependants to be eligible for the
Health Awareness program. The Health Awareness program offers up to $300.00
in annual reimbursement for healthy activities like yoga, karate, Weight
Watchers, etc. Newly eligible for Health Awareness reimbursement in 2007
are the following:
1. Gym Memberships (Including Curves)
2. One-on-one classes or counseling (such as nutritional support) based on
qualifying criteria
3. Over-the-counter tobacco cessation products when used in conjunction with
attending a smoking cessation class, which is also reimbursable.

Discontinued Programs- In 2007 the Winning Moves Program and the Wellness
Sweepstakes will no longer be offered. However, prize redemption and entry
forms based on 2006 activities will be accepted through January 15, 2007.

Amy Gilbert
Health Management Representative
Risk and Health Management Department
Local Government Center
PO Box 617
Concord, NH 03302