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Superintendent's Update

Each week, the Superintendent provides a district-wide update to the community on the latest COVID-19 outbreaks and ongoing changes and adjustments for the school-year that the community should be aware of. 

Upcoming Important Dates

The timeline below outlines the district’s plan of action for the review and adjustment of our current learning models:

  • Monday, April 5: Grades 7 and 11 will return to full in-person learning starting Monday, April 5th. The full remote model is still available for any student that chooses.

  • Tuesday, April 6th: Announcement on the potential of full return for grades 8-10 will be released.

  • Monday, April 12: Projected full return start date for grades 8-10.

2020-21 School Reopening Details

The Windham School District reopened for students on September 9, 2020, with the following required protocols and guidelines in place to protect the safety and welfare of all personnel and students while in the school or in use of school facilities. Click here for safety protocols.

The school year will start for all students with a phased-in hybrid or full remote option. This will allow students and staff to experience remote learning.

2020-21 Hybrid Cohort Calendar

Effective, Tuesday, October 6th, the Windham School Board has adopted a hybrid cohort schedule through the month of December. If at any point, the district is in a situation where it is safe to resume full in-person learning or have to revert to a full remote model, the Board will look to make the appropriate adjustments to the existing schedule. 

To view the hybrid cohort schedule for please click here. The cohort calendar creates an equitable academic rotation for in-person learning opportunities for Cohort #1 and Cohort #2. By way of example: On a vacation day or teacher workshop day when students do not attend school the scheduled cohort day is not cancelled but rather moved out so that the group can attend in-person learning the next school day.

Virtual Learning Days for 2020-21

As the cold and winter season approaches, we wanted to remind all parents that the Windham School District will be implementing virtual learning days in place of delays and/or cancellations due to inclement weather (or any other reason schools may be closed). I will make the decision to revert to a virtual learning day and communicate to all parents via SchoolMessenger, social media (Facebook and Twitter), and local new stations once the decision is made. 

All students are required to attend a virtual learning day unless they are sick or unable to attend school for the day.  In that case, you will need to report your student absent through your school’s absentee line. If your child is not available for attendance, they will be marked as absent.  In order for the district to receive credit for the day by the state, 80% or more of our student population will need to be accounted for.  If we do not meet this requirement, the day will be added at the end of the school year.  Below are additional details on what a virtual learning day will look like for each grade level.  

  • K-2 Full Remote Only Students will continue with their regular daily learning remotely via live zoom sessions as they already do. 
  • Pre-K-2 In-Person Students will be provided with virtual learning packets to receive credit for the school day. 
  •  3-12 Students will be reminded to bring home their 1:1 device and will continue their regular daily schedule remotely via live zoom sessions. 

For more information, please access our  Virtual Learning Day FAQ doc. Each building principal will also send out a reminder to all parents about virtual learning days and what to expect at their building.

School Reopening Plans

You should have received the details of our 2020-21 school reopening plans from your building level administrators.  We encourage you to read through all of the documents that the schools have provided in order to give you the fundamental information you need in order to help transition your family back into the new school year. 

2020-21 Individual School Reopening Plans and Dates

District Transportation for the 2020-21 School Year

The Windham School District was notified by our transportation partner, Student Transportation of America (STA), that they will not be able to provide our district with full transportation services due to staffing. As of today, STA has a shortage of 10 bus drivers for our district.


The Windham School Board has voted to surrender transportation services for grade 11 and grade 12 students only. These students will be responsible to acquire their own transportation to and from school.  If and when STA secures additional bus drivers, we will reinstate the district's commitment to providing all students with transportation.  The board has also voted to increase the walking distance for grade 9 and grade 10 students to their bus stop from ½ mile to one mile.  Based on these changes, the finalized bus routes will be available shortly.  Because of the reduced number of buses currently being able to transport students the length of time for transport may increase. Students that are unable to attend school due to transportation issues will be able to attend class virtually.  Parents will be asked to contact the absentee line and report that their students will be “remote” for the day.  If the student does not appear on the remote platform for attendance, they will be marked absent.

The Board has not made these decisions lightly and will be working with the administration to provide resolution to these changes as soon as possible.  

District Parent Resources

School, Local, and State Communication

Our school administrative team has an ongoing partnership with our town officials regarding this situation.  We have also had direct contact with the NH Department of Education (NHDOE) and the NH Department of Health and Human Services (NHDHHS) to give us guidance on the appropriate protocols to follow.  We will continue to partner with these groups and take our lead from their direction and guidance.

District-based Communications

We have recently set-up a dedicated email address and phone number for our community.  The phone number/email address are to be used only for concerns regarding recent travel, upcoming travel, and to report illnesses or absentees associated directly with COVID-19.  If your student is out for any other reason, please continue to use your school’s dedicated absentee report process. 


Nutrition Services

  • The District will provide pick-up services for breakfast and lunch for all remote-learning students. All meals will be available for pick up at Windham High School from 8am-8:30am daily. Please pre-order by 5pm the day before at:

    WNS Breakfast/Lunch Order Form

  •  If your child has a special meal prescription plan on file, please contact us before your pick-up at 603-845-1558 x5820 or

  •  If you cannot make the timeframe for pick-up services, please contact

  • USDA Area Eligibility Waiver to continue supporting access to nutritious meals is providing free meals until June 30, 2021.

  • To qualify as a Free meal, a student must choose a fruit or vegetable along with 2-3 additional food components.  All other purchases will be charged a la carte pricing, this includes incomplete meals, milk only, a 2nd meal, snacks & beverages

  •  All Windham families currently on Free/Reduced Meals Program please renew this year’s application so that when the waiver runs out you will still receive your benefits of Free/Reduced meals!  WSD Free - Reduced Meals Application

  •  All Nutrition Services staff have complete ServSafe COVID19 Precautions Training in addition to annual sanitation training prior to the start of school.

  • For additional questions please reach out directly to our nutrition services department.

WNS Breakfast/Lunch Order Form

Windham School District Menus

Student/Staff Counseling Services

Our school counseling department will continue to support students, staff and our community during this difficult time. If anyone is struggling academically, socially or emotionally, we have identified our mental health counselors in each building to be the point of contact.

The guidance department has set-up a site in order for you to access for additional support materials:

The Upper Room is a family resource center that is now available online.  This program offers support groups for parents, caregivers, young adults, and teens.  To access their remote learning and support programs visit:

Additional resources on how to talk to your child:

Local, State, and National Resources:


This webpage is dedicated to providing our school community with the latest information on COVID-19.  This information is subject to change without notice as we receive additional information. We suggest you continue to check back periodically for the most accurate information.