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Fine Arts


Susan Veilleux
Director of Fine Arts
Phone: 603-845-1550 x 5850
Email: [email protected] 

Visual Arts

Through creative experiences, Visual art allows the maker and viewer to increase positive attitudes towards self, others, and the environment. In a balanced art program, problem solving and creative learning, connects students visual knowledge to other subjects.  Students have the opportunity to respond with innovation, understanding, flexibility, creativity, curiosity, and imagination.   

Art students at the elementary level are encouraged to use their imagination and creativity so that they can gain new skills and knowledge as well as an appreciation for visual art. In the middle grades, students in art classes explore, organize, understand and evaluate their art and lay a foundation for the high school.  At the high school, students can focus, in their area of strength in art, and  includes ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture and photography.  They can also explore the technical arts in classes such as digital media and graphic design.

It is critical to recognize the importance of visual arts as its own discipline. An exploration of art making and art study lead to an understanding of the world’s diverse visual culture. Arts education connects and enhances all subjects in a school’s curriculum. Individuals, who can think creatively, feel sensitively, and see clearly, will be the greatest resource for the future.  


Music education is an integral part of the emotional, academic, and social development of our students in Windham. As music educators, we aim to provide our students with opportunities to express themselves both individually and collectively through participation in reflective and analytical practices providing greater insight into historical and cultural perspectives.

It is our objective as music educators to provide a framework for our students to experience this art form in a meaningful and enriching way, enabling them to express themselves and appreciate music in a way that is more profound and meaningful. Students in the Windham School District can perform in such musical groups as chorus, band, orchestra, theater and dance. 

Students that love music but don’t necessarily want the performance aspect can participate in music appreciation classes, as well as piano, guitar and ukulele.

Students that participate in the music program in the Windham School District will be provided a well-rounded education that will be filled with high quality performance opportunities as well as a safe environment to create music, challenge themselves, and be self-expressive. Through this, we are confident that our students will develop emotionally, in order to be both sophisticated and versatile individuals who are creative purveyors and participants in society. Our graduates will embrace the life skills necessary to be confident and tolerant collaborators in all aspects of their lives.

K-12 Music Curriculum

K-12 Visual Arts Curriculum