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  • becht

    Dr. Kori Becht

    Superintendent of Schools

    Phone: 603-845-1550 x1135

  • Nancy

    Nancy Milligan

    Assistant Superintendent

    Phone: 603-845-1550 x1110

    For more information on Mrs. Milligan's role and responsibilities, click here.

  • Dalisa

    Dalisa Greenleaf

    Executive Director of Finance and Operations

    Phone: 603-845-1550 x1120

    For more information on Ms. Greenleaf's role and responsibilities, click here.

  • ken

    Kenneth Duesing

    Executive Director of Student Services

    Phone: 603-845-1550 x1131

    For more information on Mr. Duesing's role and responsibilities, click here.

  • Bennett

    Dr. Harry Bennett

    Executive Director of Technology

    Phone: 603-845-1550 x1129

    For more information on Dr. Bennett's role and responsibilities, click here.

  • Heather Thompson

    Executive Assistant to the Superintendent

    Phone: 603-845-1550 x1135

    • Administrative support to the Superintendent
    • Administrative support to the Windham School Board
    • Policy
    Brenda Golden      

    Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent

    Phone: 603-845-1550 x1110
    Email: [email protected]

    • Administrative support to the Assistant Superintendent