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K-8 Organization System Supply List by Grade Level

K-8 Organization System Supply List by Grade Level

We are committed to creating a program that will assist students with the grade level executive functioning skills needed for their academic and social-emotional success. Our grade level teachers and Executive Functioning Committee recently collaborated to create a comprehensive grades level appropriate school supply list for our students. The crafted supply lists will help students stay organized and be successful in the classroom on a daily basis. Additionally, we will be partnering with the Windham PTA who have volunteered to create materials boxes for students based on the new grade level lists. The boxes would be available for purchase and contain materials custom to each grade level. The materials boxes are completely optional for parents to purchase. Information about purchasing a material box(s) for the next school year will be forthcoming. Please contact Dr. Erin Hagerty at [email protected]. View the supply lists by grade level below.


Golden Brook School

Windham Center School

Windham Middle School