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The Windham School Board mission is to be a continuously improving, learning community, providing quality services to enable all children to master the knowledge and competencies necessary to function skillfully throughout life.

Goal: The Windham School Board will continue to actively communicate with and seek input from the Windham Community on District considerations and refine communication mechanisms as appropriate.


To build and proactively maintain all school facilities needed to accommodate the current and expected student population. All facilities will foster a safe and healthy environment. Perform regular facility evaluations to identify cost and energy saving enhancements


Staff exceptional teachers/administrators and create an environment for their academic growth with a goal of maximizing their potential and reducing turnover.

Utilize technology to create a learning environment that maximizes student, teacher and administrator productivity. Provide an updated web-based solution for disseminating and soliciting information to/from the community regarding curriculum and school board matters.


Strive for excellence in all areas of education. Identify student body strengths and deficiencies and develop plans to exploit the former and re-mediate the latter. To continue to foster a positive environment where all students will be encouraged to reach their potential.


Define an annual budgeting process. Streamline manifest and purchasing processes in order to save time and money while identifying the proper solution for our schools.

School Board:

Prioritize and solve issues facing our school district. Utilize resources in a productive and professional manner. Use our varied experiences and expertise to arrive at solutions that are best for the students and town.

Standard Procedures include:

  • School Board Meetings are public meetings, School Board Meeting Schedule.
  • Meeting Minutes are available at the SAU and online
  • Meetings are televised on Windham Cable, wctv21 and available On Demand,
  • Agenda is published 24 hours in advance of the meeting
  • Agenda items in final form are available 24 hours in advance of the meeting
  • Weekly Alert Now Message includes School Board hyperlink to upcoming agenda and past minutes.
  • School Board Members periodically present Information Sessions.
  • Windham School Board Members can be contacted by clicking here.
  • Press coverage from local media outlets including: Eagle Tribune, Pelham-Windham News, Windham Cable, Windham Independent, Windham Patch, and the Union Leader.