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Inspired Innovator
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Effective Communicator
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Life Long Learner
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Responsible Collaborator

District News

  • /UserFiles/Servers/Server_27316100/Image/Board Photos/October Calendar.jpeg
    October Calendar of Events
    Don't miss all of the great events coming up in the month of October!
    Read more about October Calendar of Events
  • /UserFiles/Servers/Server_27316100/Image/Screen Shot 2023-09-12 at 11.38.47 AM.png
    Designated Volunteer Training
    All designated volunteers must complete training for the 2023-24 school year.
    Read more about Designated Volunteer Training
  • /UserFiles/Servers/Server_27316100/Image/News/Two year calendar-1.jpg
    Stay Connected to WSD
    Don't miss an update from the district! Learn more today.
    Read more about Stay Connected to WSD
  • Building Based Open House
    Make sure to save the date for the building based open houses!
    Read more about Building Based Open House
  • /UserFiles/Servers/Server_27316100/Image/News/What's New/June Calendar.jpeg
    September Calendar of Events
    Find out what's happening throughout the district in the month of September!
    Read more about September Calendar of Events
  • /UserFiles/Servers/Server_27316100/Image/News/Screen Shot 2023-06-22 at 11.49.08 AM.png
    Electronic Payment Options
    The district offers electronic payment platforms for our parents, learn more about these options!
    Read more about Electronic Payment Options
  • /UserFiles/Servers/Server_27316100/Image/News/109-1095442_school-supplies-clipart-at-getdrawings-school-supplies-clipart copy.jpg
    K-8 Organization System Supply List by Grade Level
    Check out the comprehensive grade level appropriate school supply list for next year!
    Read more about K-8 Organization System Supply List by Grade Level
  • /UserFiles/Servers/Server_27316100/Image/News/What's New/Summer Reading-1 (1).jpg
    Summer Reading Fun!
    Get more information about our summer reading assignments for grades 5-12!
    Read more about Summer Reading Fun!
  • /UserFiles/Servers/Server_27316100/Image/News/What's New/My project-1 (3).jpg
    I am the "I" in Kind
    Are you the "I" in Kind?
    Read more about I am the "I" in Kind